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Escorting necessary?

Poster: Elizabeth Urbanik <eurbanik@vsla.edu>

I'm ambivalent about escorting, myself, despite my post.
Sometimes I don't mind wandering about alone -- there are times
when it's fun, and there are times when I know there's no other
option. I also did not mind my lord escorting ladies without
lords, either at court or to help out. It got to be a problem
when I was *always* alone, or had to choose not to do something I
really wanted to do in order to be with him in whatever he was
doing. I also recognize the necessity of his escorting tin hats
when nobody else was around, particularly members of a certain
queen's household, which was always surprising, but not, really.
He saw his escorting tin hats as his duty, regardless of whether
there was anyone else around or not, and yes, there was a bit of
the political career-advancement going on.


Elizabeth Urbanik
"My body is my temple,
and the goddess demands chocolate!"
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