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Time Winds Tavern

Poster: janice_guziejka@ncsu.edu (Janice Guziejka)

To Whom it may concern :
Or  anyone who can help me :

I asked a fellow SCAdian about a tape I used to have called  " Time Winds
Tavern "
I have since lost the tape and am trying to locate another one for purchase.
He suggested that I try to mail a message to the  Merryrose.
I don't know if anyone would recognize the tape by my little description
but it's worth a try.

I believe it had different artists on it so it was by no one person.

Some of the songs were :

about a mermaid singing about the
"many lovers I called from the ships that I've seen,
  but I've drowned everyone in the deep salt sea"

one about a basklisk :
" the basklisk watches and waits the right hour,
   to claim you forever in his awesome power. "

a warning of passing by a dragon's lair :
" let the traveler beware,
   when passing near your lair,
   a riddle is the key to let them by.

   if they can not answer you,
   or the answer is untrue,
   then the game will end
   and the foolish mortal dies. "

 ?  ?  ?  ?

Thank you for you time.

If anyone can help,  my address is :


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