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Re: Courtesy, when to choose?

Poster: "Karen Lyons-McGann" <dvkld.dev@mhs.unc.edu>

> Something which has perplexed me in the past is when your current
>> lord refuses to escort you around because he's too busy escorting
>> a tin hat. Is it more chivalrous for him to do that, or to escort
>> his lady? 
> One would be tempted to ask why, if he refuses to escort you around in
> favour of someone else, he is still a 'current lord'. 

Well, it's hardly reasonable to divorce your husband, or even split with 
your boyfriend because circumstances at SCA events mean he regularly must 
walk around with a royal and you are left without a hand to hold onto.   
Seems the chivalrous thing for him to do is to arrange for another lord 
(or several) to please see that you have an escort when form requires one 
and he must be elsewhere, or the lady could make such on on-going 
arrangement herself.  (Let's hope they think to ask lords without ladies 
of their own so as not to create yet more unescorted ladies!)   There 
might also be times when the tin hat should arrange that significant 
others are included in the plan in some way.


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