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Chivalry Does Live (was manners)

Poster: AlysounA <AlysounA@aol.com>

>It is easier to be kind to those who treat you with kindness....I remember
>a phrase from a book,  "Oh no, you aren't a Princess.  The Princess is a
>great lady who treats the lowest scullery maid like the Queen.  You would
>treat the Queen like the lowest scullery maid." (Probably mis-quoted from a
>long-ago book.  I think by Mercedes Lackey.)

Actually, I always preferred G.B. Shaw's version: "The difference between a
duchess and a  flower girl is not how she acts, it is how she is treated." If
I treat others as the people they should be, they will live up to the task --
Pollyana-ish, I know, but it usually works.

-- Alisoun Ashling

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