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Re: Chivalry Does Live (was manners)

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Sue wrote:
>I wonder why the assumption is that we ought to act with more >courtesy 
in SCA events than we do in Mundane Life.  If we are truly >capable of 
noble behavior at Events, why 'take it off' when we head >back to our 
daily lives?

Actually, I've found that the harder I work at courtesy in the SCA, the 
more it rubs off on daily life.

When I became deputy MOAS in Caer Mear, and was encouraging Arts and 
Sciences and the people who do them, I decided that if I *thought* 
something nice about an item, I ought to *say* it out loud as 

This has been a great fun thing for me to do, both in the SCA and the 
modern world.  The expreessions of pleased surprise on people's faces 
when I complement a hair style, or dress, or the manners of a child, are 
priceless to me.

It's right up there with hearing the King and Queen read part of an 
award recommendation e-mail I wrote as they give an award.

Actually receiving an award myself pales in comparison.


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