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Re: Period Sea Chanties

Poster: Acresouth <Acresouth@aol.com>

In a message dated 98-02-27 16:53:27 EST, ginevra@bellsouth.net writes:

<< Greetings,
    Be there any body out there that might know where
 I could dig up some period sea chanties?  Or some scuttlebut on
 late period open-water ships?  Thanks.
 The Militant Mermaid

The East Kingdom Chief Bard of the College of Bards who goes by the name of
Branwyn or Bronwyn has been to Sea Chanty competitions and knows scads of
them.  I met her at Pennsic and she sang a bunch of chanties to us. Try
reaching here via the East Kingdom web site which I don't know off hand but is
easy to find using a web search.

Adriana di Salaparuta
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