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Courtesy, when to choose

Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

E(>Poster: Elizabeth Urbanik <eurbanik@vsla.edu>
E(>Something which has perplexed me in the past is when your current
E(>lord refuses to escort you around because he's too busy escorting
E(>a tin hat. Is it more chivalrous for him to do that, or to escort
E(>his lady? Would it be even more chivalrous for you, the lady in
E(>question, to shrug and fend for yourself, and maybe find a kind
E(>lord on his own who will help you out?
E(>Elenore, currently lordless :)
E(>Elizabeth Urbanik
E(>"My body is my temple,
E(>and the goddess demands chocolate!"

The spousal unit and I try to arrange times to be together and time to do our
own thing at events. And there are times when we've both said, "Sorry, can't
be there like I said, gotta go be politic (or pearldiver, or whatever).  Had
you tried to arrange a schedule together?

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