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Phoenix/Moose Hunt- update,please read

Poster: Rutlands <Rutlands@aol.com>

FORGIVE-- this is late getting out.  Please note price DECREASES and we'll
extend the "Before March" rates to anything postmarked by Monday, March 2nd,
to cover our error.   I (James of Rutland) will also be at the Ponte Alto
Baronial Birthday & will cheerfully take reservations.

<< Dance of the Phoenix (Moose Hunt) - Revised
 Shire of Highland Foorde
 14 March 1997
 The Shire of Highland Foorde announces the Dance of the Phoenix and archery
 Moose Hunt at the National Guard Armory in Frederick, MD on March 14, 1998.  
 This is the Event That Would Not Die, after going down in flames twice in
 the planning stages.  The site will open at ten, with  dance instructors
 from a variety of dance masters, from noon until closing.  A lavish feast
 prepared by our own Cooks' Guild will follow, and after the feast we will
 have dancing (with minimal instruction), hopefully with live musicians,
 until the site closes at ten.  The site is discreetly damp.    
 While the dance teaching is going on,  the Archers of Highland Foorde will
 be holding several shoots.  There will be both INDOOR and OUTDOOR archery
 ranges. Indoor we will be holding the Winter Archery Challenge all day
 long. Here's your chance to put in a score for our Kingdom! Outdoors, we
 will have several shoots including a unique LIVE Moose hunt (We were a
 little punchy at the third replanning meeting.). The Autocrat wanted
 something memorable,  so we will have a live moose which will be released
 and hunted with golf tube arrows.  There will be a prize for (s)he who
 fells the Mighty Moose, and if (s)he would be so kind as to donate the
 Moose to the Cooks' Guild, the Moose will come out with the feast.  (If the
 Moose is not donated, he best be dressed immediately.  That's your problem;
 He prefers Late Norman.). For archery questions, please contact Lorenzo il
 Confuso, (301)834-8242, detoma@erols.com.
 As the phoenix rises from the ashes, so do the arts and sciences of the
 Current Middle Ages rise from the ashes of the twentieth century.  Show the
 Known World this is true with an A & S exhibit that knocks everyone's hosen
 off.  It will be a general exhibit, and works in progress and
 displays/documentations of how you made your items are especially welcome.
 Please contact Daniel of Rutland (301) 834-6515, Rutlands@aol.com, or
 Beatrice Lagrave, (301)620-7329, Stonekin@erols.com.  Also, please bring
 your banners to decorate an otherwise mundane event space.  
 Merchants are welcome, please contact the Autocrat in advance.  For feast,
 reservation & dietary questions, contact Magdalena Zaba, (301) 694-0421,
 Marjowl@aol.com.  Send reservation checks made payable to the Shire of
 Highland Foorde, to  Marj Burger, 6402 Quinn Road, Frederick MD 21701-6706.
 Please warm the cockles of our hearts and reserve early.  A paid
 reservation guarantees you'll get the feast.  All other questions,
 including crash space (we've got LOTS!) please contact the poor,
 defenseless Autocrat, James of
 Rutland, (301) 834-6515, Rutlands@aol.com.

Feast Menu:  Homebaked bread & butter(s), jellies, pickles, olives,  Marinated
Mushrooms A L'Oncle Igor;  a tasty Vegetable Soup (Nonmeat, nonfat, and-
mirabile dictu! - quite tasty);  Chicken in Puff Pastry, Steak in Wine Sauce,
Savory Toasted Cneese, and Pease with Herb'd Butter; and for dessert, Moose
Apples-- er, we mean, Apple Mousse-- a Shortbread with Whipped Cream and
Strawberries, and a Genoise cake soak'd in Syrup.

 UPDATE! Due to a renegotiated site cost, there has been a price decrease
 from last month's fees.. The price for all this merriment?  Until March
 1st, $5.50 offboard and $11 onboard.  After that, $6.50 and $13.  For those
 coming from the St. Patrick's Day Bloodbath, the fees will be only $1
 offboard, $6.50 onboard.  Smalls under 14 years of age are  half price,
 under 7 are the guests of the Shire. Remember,  moose are not native to our
 lands and the Vikings who have to share a small, open boat all the way from
 Vinland with an irate-- and seasick-- moose are charging us dearly.  Also,
 the site is just off the King's Highway and MUCH closer to those gentles
 coming from the East and South than in previous years.  
 Directions to Site (Updated):
 If you are coming from the North, South or West of Frederick:
 Take your best route to I-70 East in Frederick. Take exit #56 (Route
 144) eastbound (make a left at the light). The armory will be your first
 right (it's across from the Park-and-Ride Lot on the opposite side of
 the road). Look for the "Armory" sign. If you cross the Monocacy river, turn
 around. You went too far. 
 If you are coming from points East of Frederick:
 Take your best route to I-70 West to Frederick. Take exit #56 (Route
 144) westbound (make a right at the bottom of the ramp). Follow 144 for
 approximately a mile. The Site will be on your left, across from the
 Park-n-Ride lot. Look for the "Armory"  sign (the sign will be on your
 right but points to the left) soon after crossing the Monocacy river.
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