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A wondrous place, my Lords and Ladies!

Alanna Volchevo Lesa


A Compendium of Common Knowledge
1558 - 1603
Elizabethan Commonplaces for Writers, Actors, and Re-enactors


 Preface: Short Attention Span History
 Philosophical Introduction
 Services and Occupations
 Some Numbers, Measures, & Clocks
 Money: The Basics
 Language: Idiomatic Idiosyncrasies
 Weddings & Betrothals
 Marriage and Family
 Comparative Religion: The Catholics 
 Comparative Religion: The Church of England
 Titles and Forms of Address
 Masters & Servants
 Patronage: Retinue, Companions, & Livery 
 Greasing the Wheels
 More Services and Occupations
 Domestic Details
 More Language
 More Religion 
 Precedence, Preferment, & Attainder
 Ranks & Files
 The Senior Peers of England
 The Noble Style
 Honor and Dueling
 The City of London
 More Comparative Religion: Puritans etc. 
 Still More Language
 Household Management
 Science and Health (without key to the scriptures)
 Mary Queen of Scots: an incredibly brief account
 Shopping in London
 A Fashionable Vocabulary: Clothing and Fabrics
 Forms of Address for Non-Nobles
 What We Eat
 Spain, France, Germany, Italy, & other despicable places
 Children & Childhood
 Heirs & Inheritance
 Naming the Baby
 The Queen's Suitors: The Short List
 The Royal Sweepstakes
 Filling the Time
 Food & Your Life Style
 More of What We Eat 
 Snack Foods
 More Things To Do
 Still More Things To Do
 Paying the Servants
 Staffing a Great Household
 Proverbs & Wise Sayings
 What Every Schoolboy Knows
 Classical References
 Letter Writing 
 Random Bits & Pieces
 More Fashionable Vocabulary
 Virtue and Vice, or vice versa 
 A Classical Education 
       Appendices, Flourishes, & Grace Notes
 The Tudor Succession 
 Maps & Plans 
 About the Author & Designer
 Designer's Notes
 Related Sites
 Renaissance Home Page
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