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Poster: E-Lady@worldnet.att.net (Elizabeth Orwig)

This string has perplexed me.

In the 7 years I have been in the Society (or more maybe now, I quit
counting), I have been called into court a total of 3 times.  In my home
kingdom of Calontir my first appearance in court was on the battlefield of
Estrella whereon I was given my AOA.  The next time was Baronial court for a
Baronial award for being crazy enough to publish the Canton newsletter four
years running.  The last time was for an award called the Torse. Here in
Atlantia, I have no idea what that award is equivallent to.

In all those times, and in all the courts  I rarely witnessed this practice
of escorting unless it was for something like a peerage elevation.

No one ever offered. Even my lord at that time all those years never offered
to escort me, but then again, I never saw the need...... 

I wonder if this is a Kingdom-related practice, or just something not done
in the areas West of the Mississippi.?

Enlighten me?

thanks, Erzebet
    And from the stone that was once my heart,
                             Tears of blood fell heavily down to earth.....

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