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Re: escorts

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

I know not whence the sometime tradition started, but I have found it
useful whenever I have been called into court.  I have paralyzing stage
fright, and if it weren't for someone dragging me into court, I'd either
stand there stupidly, or run the other way. 


> This string has perplexed me.
> In the 7 years I have been in the Society (or more maybe now, I quit
> counting), I have been called into court a total of 3 times.  In my home
> kingdom of Calontir my first appearance in court was on the battlefield of
> Estrella whereon I was given my AOA.  The next time was Baronial court for a
> Baronial award for being crazy enough to publish the Canton newsletter four
> years running.  The last time was for an award called the Torse. Here in
> Atlantia, I have no idea what that award is equivallent to.
> In all those times, and in all the courts  I rarely witnessed this practice
> of escorting unless it was for something like a peerage elevation.
> No one ever offered. Even my lord at that time all those years never offered
> to escort me, but then again, I never saw the need......
> I wonder if this is a Kingdom-related practice, or just something not done
> in the areas West of the Mississippi.?
> Enlighten me?
> thanks, Erzebet
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