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Re: Elizabethan Site

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

At 09:34 AM 3/1/98 -0600, Greg Glewwe wrote:
>Poster: Greg Glewwe <glewweg@erols.com>
>>Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 08:45:16 -0600
>>To: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>
>>From: Greg Glewwe <glewweg@erols.com>
>>Subject: Re: Elizabethan Site
>>In-Reply-To: <>
>>An interesting site, particularly to those of us who do
Elizabethan.  Does
>anyone one know who the author is, their background, and

The site says "Written and edited by Maggie Secara", but no other
references.  The links to other pages are basically aimed at (1)
scholarly Elizabethan sites, and (2) Ren-Faire; the SCA link is clear
down at the bottom of the page under the heading "other
Organizations". (Though a number of the links are to SCAdian pages!)

A nice series of short essays, but would be better if the author
would footnote her references.

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