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Fw: Recognition of deserving gentles

Poster: "Jonathan Blackbow" <blackbow@sprynet.com>

At Her Highness' request.


Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
Clan O'Shannon
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From: Barbra E Bolt <seonaid@juno.com>
To: principality_discussion@agent.infodata.com
Date: Monday, March 02, 1998 3:54 PM
Subject: Recognition of deserving gentles

>To the Kingdom at Large,
>I would like to put my two cents on a topic I have seen frequently
>mentioned in Principality discussions.  That is the need for another
>level of recognition above the Baronial level.  One of the stated reasons
>is the overlooking of or lack of recognition given to deserving gentles
>by the Crowns.
>I would be the first person to agree that there are many gentles out
>there deserving of recognition that the Crowns never give an award to.
>But don't place all of the burden for this failure on the Crowns.  I have
>requested award recommendations in my last two or three Acorn letters.
>TO date, we have received recommendations from a mere handful of
>individuals.  This is NOT a recent problem we have dealt with.  In every
>reign (and it has become worse with time, not better), we have had
>trouble getting recommendations from the populace.  We have had an
>extremely hard time getting the Barons/Baronesses and/or Seneshals of
>many groups to give us recommendations.  I have heard complaints about us
>giving "too many" awards to the citizens of certain baronies, that was
>because those were the baronies we received recommendations from!  We
>have gone to events and even asked Baronial representatives at the event
>"Don't you have anyone you wish to recommend?",  and gotten no responses.
>This does NOT make the job of the Crown easier.  We are not happy to have
>fewer awards to give.  Every past or present monarch I have ever talked
>to about what is the best thing about sitting the throne has agreed that
>the ultimate thrill, priviledge and reward is the giving of awards.  If
>you don't have people to give awards to, it is a heartbreaker.
>Before considering another level of recognition to be necessary, maybe
>people need to be more proactive about feeding the system that we already
>Sorry to do the soapbox thing, but this is a subject very close to my
>HRH Seonaid
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