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Re: Courtesy, when to ch

Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

E(>My lord, who is no longer my lord, and I did sit down one evening
E(>at an event and agree that he could play the political go-getter
E(>during the day, and probably during feast (he was a herald), but
E(>that after feast, he was *mine*.<SNIP> The problem with that was, if I
E(>didn't hang around him during the day or night, he got upset
E(>because here he was, trying to fight for my honor, blah, blah. So
E(>you can see why I'm a little puzzled about this escorting
E(>business (no pun intended).

Well, we seem to be talking about two separate problems here, one of which you
solved by dumping the insensitive one.  8-)

OTOH: Escorting a lady into court used (Old Fart Alert) to be an opportunity
for the squire/protege/up and coming dumb stick jock to prove that he did own
more in the way of garb than sweat pants and a t-tunic to fight in, could take
a lady's arm without breaking it, and walk and bow in public without tripping
too often. 

The herald would call the individuals before the court. They would form up
with their escort. Herald would then announce to the populace (and sitting
hats) something like, "Comes now before the Court Mumble of Somewhere escorted
by Grumble of Somewhere. It was a harmless bit of schtick that served to get
the new folks introduced to the populace by twos instead of having to ask,
"Who was that masked man?" This is especially helpful to fighters who become
known by their armor, but not noticed off the field out of it. 


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