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Re: emailing recommendations was ( Awards and all that...)

Poster: Erik Dutton <edutton@worldnet.att.net>

Becky McEllistrem wrote:
>         I've always emailed my recommendations and so far no one has
>         ever complained.  I do, however make a point of using separate
>         mailings for each recommendation and in the subject heading
>         mention recommendation1, recommendation 2, etc.  However it
>         may be better to have a subject heading of recommendation -
> recipient
>         name.  Former/current royals may have better ideas.
>         Rebecca

I also e-mail recommendations, and have not had a complaint yet.
Generally, I give mine a subject line like "Golden Snipehunt
recommendation for Lady Muckety". Also, a tip I have heard from multiple
people in a position to be sent recommendations - don't just say "I
think Lady Muckety deserves a Golden Snipehunt" - say WHY, in as much
detail as you can fit into one or two paragraphs. The more information
the person you are writing to has, especially if they don't know Lady
Muckety from Adam's housecat, the likelier they are to want to learn
enough to give the award.

In service,
Rhodri ap Hywel
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