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Re: traffic

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Count Thordrandr wrote:
> Off the subject of a principality, but usefule for folks in the region
> nontheless.....
> Hint for those north of DC:  Try US 301.  Waldorf is bad about 5-6, but
> not like Springfield.  You can even get around it by going into Calvert
> on MD 4, and through Charles Coounty (on MD 231), though being patient in 
> Waldorf is probably better.

These are good routes for some, but....

Unfortunately, for those of us who live in the College Park/Takoma Park/
Silver Spring area (greater Storvik/Roxbury Mill), there's no good way
to go. It's either west around the B'way, east around the B'way or straight
through DC to 395. And it's a sure bet that any one of those ways is going
to suck pretty badly, and add at least as much time as going 50 miles or
so around the eastern side of the western shore of MD to hit US 301 or
MD 4. Not to mention the added mileage that route adds for us. But for
folks in Lochmere and Bright Hills, this is a good way to bypass 495 and
the District.

I have to agree with His Grace Galmr, when travelling to southern events
from DC (Storvik/Roxbury/Ponte Alto) or points northwest of there (Highland
Foorde and possibly some of Bright Hills), you inevitibly have to go right
through Malfunction Junction at rush hour (which starts between 2:30 and
3:00 and lasts till around 6:30 or so depending on whether or not some
erstwhile member of the Amateur Driving Club has decided to perform his
rendition of the Ballet for Volkswagen and Peterbilt) or leave work several
hours early.

Your only other option is to carpool and try to take advantage of the
HOV 3 lanes.....but then we all know about trying to get more than two
SCA members together at a specific time point. And those lanes run out
right around Occaquon anyway. I love driving a standard transmission,
except in stop and go, 20 MPH traffic for an hour or more.

In service,

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