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Storvik area traffic

Poster: Pamela Ambrose <pambrose@wam.umd.edu>

> > Off the subject of a principality, but usefule for folks in the region
> > nontheless.....
  I think this applies to a number of folks on the Rose as anything 
that helps folks get to meetings/events easier is a good thing.
Albeit there are those who live far enough to the South they aren't likely
to use this info, but as they post directions to their events I'm sure
they can suffer with a few posts like these.

> Unfortunately, for those of us who live in the College Park/Takoma Park/
> Silver Spring area (greater Storvik/Roxbury Mill), there's no good way
> to go. It's either west around the B'way, east around the B'way or straight
> through DC to 395. 

     [and the lurker in Storvik, formerly of Dun Carraig speaks forth:]
Not so m'lord!  If one follows 193 (University Blvd/Greenbelt Rd/other
names) through Prince George's County, it takes one to Upper Marlboro
(short right turn from the end of 193 to get to 202) where one can turn
left onto 202 and subsequently 597?(Marlboro Pike), running straight into
301.  This is for the most part a scenic 2-lane route, yet only adds about
10 minutes travel time in normal traffic and saves time when the major
routes have their rush/accident hours.  YMMV, especially depending on how
many traffic lights there are further up in your areas.  Personally
driving from College Park I have found this a useful route to points south
and east.

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