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Re: Eddy II

Poster: Jessica Rechtschaffer <jsrechts@email.unc.edu>

> And speaking of Edward II, I've always felt sorry for the bashing he took
> in some of the undergrad history text books I've come in contact with...I
> remember how one of the 'stupid' things he did was paying more attention
> to Piers Gaveston at his (Edward's) wedding banquet than he did to
> Isabelle.  Hey...the girl was 12 years old  (and she did grow up to be
> called the "She-Wolf" of france), 'course he'd have more to say to the
> guys than her...;-)

Well, there was more to it than that.  Piers upstaged Isabelle and also
insulted her.  Isabelle was furious and told her Dad, Phillip the Fair who
was no big ally. 
> Anyway, thought I'd point out that Edward III was too young to be involved
> in the overthrow/murder of his father, and was kept very much under
> Mortimer's thumb.  Until, of course, he was old enough to orchestrate
> Mortimer's murder and had his Mum locked up in a castle somewhere.  Anyone
> know where she ended up and for how long??

Edward III was sixteen at the time.  The regency of Isabelle and Mortimer
lasted about 9 months.  Not very long and Edward obviously didn't like
being a puppet. Edward was shrewed
enough to garner his allies to arrange the overthrow.  As I remember,
Mortimer was executed for murdering Edward II. 


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