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Re: Eddy II

Poster: Marybeth Lavrakas <lavrakas@email.unc.edu>

And speaking of Edward II, I've always felt sorry for the bashing he took
in some of the undergrad history text books I've come in contact with...I
remember how one of the 'stupid' things he did was paying more attention
to Piers Gaveston at his (Edward's) wedding banquet than he did to
Isabelle.  Hey...the girl was 12 years old  (and she did grow up to be
called the "She-Wolf" of france), 'course he'd have more to say to the
guys than her...;-)

Anyway, thought I'd point out that Edward III was too young to be involved
in the overthrow/murder of his father, and was kept very much under
Mortimer's thumb.  Until, of course, he was old enough to orchestrate
Mortimer's murder and had his Mum locked up in a castle somewhere.  Anyone
know where she ended up and for how long??

Kathryn Rous

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