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Re: Pavilions Search

Poster: Caitlin Cheannlaidir <caitlin@phosphor-ink.com>

I also have a Panther, a 14x18 marquee.  I love my pavilion, which has
stood up sturdily (and housed my entire encampment) during three years of
Pennsic thunderstorms.  Plus, it's beautiful.

Regarding pavilions in general, I'd urge you to decide whether this is
something you =only= plan to use at Pennsic (and other long events) or
whether you're going to want to use it for weekend camping events as well.
If the latter, you may want a slightly smaller tent than you would buy for
Pennsic alone.  The hassle of hauling and setting up a big pavilion is
fairly significant, especially if you are alone or if the other adult with
you is chasing children.

Regarding Panther in particular, their quality is great, but it's better
when you stay with the exact items they offer in the catalog than it is
when you venture off into custom designs.  I had them design a porch for me
(it comes off the long axis of my tent, and they now offer it as a catalog
item) which has turned out to be unusable because they never thought
through how the poles would work (this is too complicated to explain
succinctly). A girlfriend of mine ordered a custom tent, worked through
fairly specific design issues with them, and had to send it back three
times before it was right.  Stick with the book and make your life simpler.

BTW, I splurged and ordered their set of ropes/poles/stakes/etc. and have
been nothing but pleased.  Really expensive, but much higher quality than I
could have made myself.  They use 2x3s rather than 2x2s, and it really
shows up in how solidly the pavilion sets up.

--Caitlin Cheannlaidir
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