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Re: Awards and all that.

Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

S(>Poster: Logan & Arielle <sirlogan@mail.clt.bellsouth.net>
S(>to know how many Knights fall into this "As a result, many are 
S(>statement.  You know timing is a kinda' funny thing. 

Then there are those of us that are smart enough not to win anything
important, or prefer to run and gun or command troops at the wars. 

Years ago I concentrated on a flashy style of fighting. It got me noticed and
remembered on the field as a distinctive fighter that didn't usually do too
bad, and usually placed near the top in a prize or warlord or weird weapons
tourney. And, since I prefer war to tourney fighting, I made sure that if my
unit blew a hole in the shield wall, I was in the middle, leading from the
front, etc., occasionally even 'designated target'. Also really concentrated
on all the other attributes of the chivalry.

Musta worked somehow. I'm not the only one.

The one that get dragged off the field at a major event are going to stick in
the mind of the populace. Other, quieter ceremonies aren't as likely to.


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