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Fw: Children and History: Book Picks for Spring

Poster: "Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

Got this from the Aethelmearc list....thought it would interest many of my
fellow SCAdians


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From: Library Staff <betpulib@ptd.net>
Date: Thursday, March 05, 1998 6:57 PM
Subject: Children and History: Book Picks for Spring

>Greetings! As a librian, I am always on the lookout for good
>children's books encompassing the time periods we focus on in the SCA,
>and related subjects.
>Below are some of the books I have picked this time around, and a brief
>synopsis of them.
>I hope you and your children enjoy them immensly, whether you purchase
>them or simply check them out of the library!
>Cordially Yours, in service to our children,
>Lady Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon, from work at the Library!
>Eyewitness Books:
>Arms and Armor : $13.30 from www.Amazon.com (19.90 retial price),
>hardbound. This book is so good relating to real armor and weapons that
>my husband had to own it, even though it's a children's book! Excellent
>detail about early, middle, and rennaissance armor, differentiating
>between mail and plate armor, and also showing some of the wide variety
>of weapons used around the European continent and the Orient. Many types
>of Helms are shown,  as well as early firearms, bows, and cross-bows.
>Also by Eyewitness: Castle, Knight, Horse, Viking, Witches and Magic
>Makers, Medieval Life, more.
>Inside Story Series (18.95 list price). This series takes the reader back
>in history to various buildings, and explores what it was like to live or
>work in those buildings. Individual titles of note: Roman Fort, Greek
>Temple, Shakespeare's Theatre, Medieval Castle, 16th Century Mosque, 16th
>Century Galleon, Egyptian Pyramid, The Roman Colosseum, Medieval
>cathedral, A Rennaisance Town, A Samurai Castle.
>The Historical Encyclopedia of Costumes, by Albert Racinet (for grades
>6-12+). This a very modern work, encompassing all of history, and each
>strata of the populous in each segment of history from ancient times
>through the 19th century, in every culture in the world. (list price
>First Facts Ancient History (list price $14.95ea.) This history series is
>for grades 5 and up and covers everyday life, history, culture, religeon,
>education, politics, etc. Individual titles:
>Ancient Egyptians (Jacqueline Morley), Ancient Romans (Fiona MacDonald),
>Vikings (Jacqueline Morley), Ancient Greeks (Fiona MacDonald), Middle
>Ages (Fiona MacDonald).
>In the Begining....The Nearly Complete History of Almost Everything
>(Brian Delf and Richard Platt, List price $19.95). A comprehensive world
>history, with over 2,500 full color illustrations, for grades 3 and up.
>Covers pre-history to modern-day.
>Eric Carle's  Dragons, Dragons, and Other Creatures the Never Were. (list
>price $18.95 hardcover, ISBN 0-399-221-05-0). This one is for the young
>folks! Suitable for pre-school through 4th grade, Eric Carle has
>illustrated a book about magical creatures to the accompanyment of quotes
>from famous literary pieces about them.
>The Redwall Series: Martin the Warrior, Redwall, Mariel of Redwall,
>Salamandastron, Mossflower, Mattimeo, etc. all by Brian Jacques. This
>popular series is set in the medieval mouse world of fantasy called
>Redwall. It follows the exploits of Martin, the Mouse Warrior. Highly
>entertaining read for older children (12+). pbk: $5.50, Hbk: $17.95
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