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Re: King's Public Conduct [Was Re: Awards and all that...]

Poster: DebSiobhan <DebSiobhan@aol.com>


<< I wish I could believe you were kidding, but obviously you are not.  I
admit the
 King's opinion could really have some people believe something without really
looking into, but only if they're suck-ups or can't understand the station of
King is not
 considered equivalent to the Pope in unflawed inaccuracy  (Heck, the Pope
hasn't even spoken Ex Cathedra since the 1890's according to a Catholic friend
of mine).  I would imagine that any who are not suck-ups who take the King's
personal opinion as gold are just not good critical thinkers in the first
place and will find someone else to be influenced by, if not the King.>>

Hate to break it to you, but it's not generally the suck ups who are the
problem.  Speaking as an ex-landed Baroness it is more likely that people will
yell at you for expressing an opinion that might be taken to be that of your
group than the people who will say "he's the King so he must be right".  I got
several scoldings before I learned to hold my tongue (and folks who know me
will know how hard that was!).

<< I could be wrong, but then again, I don't think I am  (see .sig below)....

Like the sig O know-all wannabe.

speaking just for herself now - ok occasionally for my non-verbal small child
or small dog ... but that's it ... really ... 
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