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Re: King's Public Conduct [Was Re: Awards and all that...]

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

DebSiobhan wrote:

> Hate to break it to you, but it's not generally the suck ups who are
> problem.  Speaking as an ex-landed Baroness it is more likely that
people will
> yell at you for expressing an opinion that might be taken to be that
of your
> group than the people who will say "he's the King so he must be
right".  I got
> several scoldings before I learned to hold my tongue (and folks who
know me
> will know how hard that was!).

Geez, that's ridiculous.  Appointed to high office and all the sudden
you lose
your right to express your opinion?  Come on!  That's insane!  But, I do
see how
people can make the confusion, I suppose.  Just seems pretty silly to
me.  Remind
me never to gain any position of recognition, authority, or power lest I
lose my
right to be opinionated.  Seems like a high price to pay for office.
should be done to remove this impediment.  I, for one, would like to
hear the
opinion of those who have actually gone through things that are under
For instance, Logan knows about being King and being a Knight and how
one becomes
both.  I might have an opinion but I can't match the experience for
Similarly, if we were to discuss how Chroniclers in the Kingdom do their
job or
somesuch, it would be nice to hear from the Kingdom Chronicler or other
Chroniclers.  Maybe a disclaimer is needed as a standard or perhaps it
would be
better if it were understood that someone is speaking for their office
only if
they said something like, "I, Fred, Emporer of the New World of Xontor,
believe..."  It sounds officious, but isn't that the point?

> << I could be wrong, but then again, I don't think I am  (see .sig
> >>
> Like the sig O know-all wannabe.

Thanks.  I was thinking of making a change to the cider reference but
was afraid
it would be too risque or people wouldn't get it.

> Siobhan
> speaking just for herself now - ok occasionally for my non-verbal
small child
> or small dog ... but that's it ... really ...

I always speak for myself and my cat.  He never disagrees with me.  I
ask him, and
he never says "No."

AEdric the Grene

Anglo-Saxon, KnowItAll wannabe, Cider drinker
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