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Re: Pope [Was Re: Awards and all that...]

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

Marybeth Lavrakas wrote:

> Ack...I just can't restrain myself!  the pope has only spoken 'infallibly'
> once, and that was in the 1950s (the doctrine was established in the
> 1890s, though--I think). the topic was the assumption of Mary, by the way.

I sit corrected.  Perhaps I misremembered my friend's stating the origin of
the doctrine with when the Pope has actually done it.

> Kathryn Rous (who spent one Long Summer
> sitting in bars with friends telling them
> "no, no, really, the church doesn't
> do THAT")

As my friend also did with our friends, though not in bars.  He got really
offended when people acted like the Church was still the Pre-Reformation
Church.  Though it was an amusing way to get a rise out of him or change the
subject away from other things.  ("Hey, Patrick, is it true the Church says
that all non-Catholics are going to Hell?")

AEdric the Grene

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