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Re: authority figures...

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

many waters cannot quench love wrote:
(Cool mail name, BTW)

> how about coming at it from the opposite direction?  if you're fairly new
> in the sca - or even if you're a reasonably experienced scadian but are
> dealing with a particular aspect of the sca about which you don't know
> much - then the reasonable and practical way to gather information about
> the sca is to find someone who has that information and learn it from
> them.

Yeah, I though about that.  After I wrote the post, of course.  It is kinda reasonable.  I
guess I'm a cynical enough person I've never considered doing that in the SCA or really in
any organization.  I generally go to several different sources to get an answer, or to
legal-type documents if they exist...  But, you are right, it's a reasonable thing to do.

> i don't think it's unreasonable for people to consider information coming
> from an authority figure as authoritative - it's only natural.  but the
> flip side of that coin is that people getting information from an
> authority figure have to remember they're dealing with a person, not a
> talking issue of the red tape, and bear in mind that they may well be
> getting a mix of fact and opinion...
> all of which boils down more succinctly to: "it's good to have a clue." ;)

Unreasonable, no.  But, unfortunately not always true.  As my other post on this just said,
perhaps the office-holder needs to make clear when speaking for the office.  I hate
disclaimer.  Much as I love legal-stuff, disclaimers just smack of...  Well, I don't know.
Perhaps it reminds me too much of people's tendency to sue over silly things.  My problem, I

AEdric the Grene

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