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Re: Awards and all that...

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@polaris.umuc.edu>

'Logan & Arielle said:'
> As one that had to deal with the mindless and uninformed accusations of
> "welllll Logan was Knighted only because he won Crown" I am just curious
> to know how many Knights fall into this "As a result, many are knighted"
> statement.  You know timing is a kinda' funny thing.  Rhodri My only
> questions in response to you comments are:
> 3. You agreed with the statement that "as a result of winning Crown,
> many are Knighted", can you name one Knight that was _recognized_ (very
> important term) as a Knight simply because they won Crown??  Or were
> "magically" (kind of an insulting accusation without being direct
> enough) Knighted?

I just couldn't resist jumping in on this thread, though, I seemed to have
missed the original post that started it.  

Let's start off with some history, since I have been paying attention to
Crown Tourney (about 14 years now), there have been exactly 3 unbelted
Crown winners (excluding Michael as a special case):  Barry McFaddan,
Logan, and myself.  Of those 3, only 2 were Knighted before taking the
Throne.  Ok, so with only 3 data points, we are already on shaky ground. 

Now, there is usually a Chivalry meeting at Crown because of the number
of knights that are generally there and because many knight candidates
are also pursuing the Crown.  Therefore, we will get to see these
candidates perform (or not) under pressure.

As it happens, in all three cases, the candidates were already judged as
being either 'there' or really close.  I can't speak for the circumstances
around Barry's Knighting, as I was not a knight myself at the time.  As
for my case, I have been told that the concern of some the chivalry (the
meeting held the morning before Crown) was that it only remained to 
be seen if I could win a big fight, when it really counted.  Well, winning
the tournement sort of answered *that* question.

Following Crown, I asked to Chivalry to not consider me a candidate until
after my reign, that I didn't want people to think that I had been
Knighted simply because I won one tourney.  At that time, I had invested 6
years in the path to knighthood (2-3 practices a week plus events, etc.) 
and didn't want the uninformed cheapening the accolade.  I got the
impression that about 2/3 of the knights that that statement was proof
that I was a Peer and the rest thought that that was overweening hubris of
the worst sort.

In Logan's case, we (I was King at the time) had already polled for him
and were going to offer him Knighthood at Pennsic anyway.  He was, at his
request, counciled on the relative merits of being an unbelted king. 
Obviously, he choose to accept and I think it was the right choice.

That should dispell some of the 'magic' of getting knighted after winning

Duke Galmr.

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