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Re: Awards and all that...

Poster: Erik Dutton <edutton@worldnet.att.net>

Logan & Arielle wrote:
> 1. just how many Chivalry meeting do you attend so that you can comment
> on this alleged "horror" the Knights feel towards the idea of an unbelted Crown?
None whatsoever. I merely stated that it *seems*, from an *outside*
perspective - note those words carefully - that the timing
seems coincidental in a few cases. I did not state that ANYONE was
knighted ONLY because they won Crown, with no consideration given to
their other merits - I don't believe that, and did not say that. 
> 2. Have you ever seen the Chivalry's "watch list"?........no you have not, simply because one does not exist.
That's interesting - I did not know that. I did assume that there was
some sort of system for keeping an eye on gentles who might prove worthy
of the Chivalry; I stand corrected. Please accept my apology.
> Someone tell me (based only on the example I gave) how someone who makes garb can really look at
> someone's cooking and say that they are or are not a Master at that art.
I made NO judgements on the worthiness or ability of ANY Knight. As I
stated in my previous message,
	"I am *most emphatically NOT* saying that they don't deserve it."
Please relax, Your Majesty - I intended no insult to yourself or to any
other member of the Chivalry. If I have inadvertently given offense, I
> 3. You agreed with the statement that "as a result of winning Crown, many are Knighted".
NO. The phrase from the original post:
	"As a result, many are Knighted"
followed directly on from the end of the preceding paragraph:
	"Most people who become king do so by expending tremendous effort and
energy training themselves in the sport
	of SCA combat, and in general are quite good."
That is the statement I agreed with. Your misinterpretation is, I am
sure, due to my snipping out too much of the original message in my
reply, but what you said in #3 is most certainly not what I meant.

In service,
Rhodri ap Hywel
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