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recognizing peers

Poster: many waters cannot quench love <lisa@technomancer.com>

thank you for the explanation, your majesty!  

so of course now i have another question. :)  this one's for any peer who
wants to take a shot at it:

a person is knighted for excellence in the discipline of heavy fighting,
which is pretty clearly delineated, and all of the other knights also
excel in that discipline.  a laurel, however, can be an expert in any
number of different disciplines under the aegis of a&s, and would seem to
be often called upon to judge expertise in disciplines with which they
weren't terribly familiar.  and the discipline of service, for which a
pelican is recognized, has the potential to be extremely flexible because
it doesn't lend itself to strict definition.

so, in your opinion, can a knight more clearly recognize a potential
knight than a laurel/pelican a potential laurel/pelican?  or is the
quality of "peerage-level excellence" sufficiently nebulous to make all
three peerages equally complicated to recognize?

which also leads me to wonder - what's the proportion of pelicans to
laurels to knights in atlantia?  i guess the easiest way to figure it out
would be comparing the numbers of people who get pollings for each
order...  are they roughly equivalent?

					in service,


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