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Re: chivalry / no "watch list"

Poster: Logan & Arielle <sirlogan@mail.clt.bellsouth.net>

Due, in part, to the sheer numbers (or lack of) of the Chiv. there
really is no reason to have a watch list.  Contrary to what some think
this Kingdom is not a big one and it is easy to recognize those in a
particular field (namely fighting in this case) that are doing great
things.  The Chiv. is also limited in the numbers of people who can
achieve it's high standards.  Standards such as speed, ability,
athleticism, hand/eye coordination, strength etc. are not things that
can be "learned" in the same way as the arts of cooking, creation of
art, creation of garb, painting, singing, dancing etc. Such is the case
with, say, the Laurel.  For example, if Her Majesty asked He "hey what
do you think My chances are at becoming/growing into, a Knight?"  I
would say "sweetie ya know how much I love you, but I would probably be
skating on top of hell with the devil (get it? a cold day in.... never
mind) before that would happen.  "But why?", She would ask. Well for one
very simple reason, She is not physically strong enough.  She also is
not athletic enough.  Could She become either of those?  Sure, maybe,
but I doubt it.  That (in Her case) is reality folks.  Some people just
have some (or many) obstacles in front of them. (Don't start sending
replies to this saying "well what about the Knight with one leg, no
hand, who is deaf and blind in one eye?" or "so Logan are you saying
that women can't become Knights?").  So to directly answer your question
Melys there are a couple of reasons why the Chiv. don't use any sort of
"watch list" and I am sure that there are many more (which you may hear
about soon, I'm sure).  Besides all that, your nose usually belongs in
places it doesn't understand if you are only seeking answers for your


many waters cannot quench love wrote:
> Poster: many waters cannot quench love <lisa@technomancer.com>
> On Thu, 5 Mar 1998, Logan & Arielle wrote:
> > 2. Have you ever seen the Chivalry's "watch list"?........no you have
> > not, simply because one does not exist.  The simply facts regarding the
> not really knowing much about how the peerages work in general, i've
> always just sort of assumed that all 3 peerages had a watch list made up
> of people who, by virtue of their prowess in their field, were under
> consideration for recognition as a peer. is that an incorrect assumption?
> i'm interested from an academic standpoint (as opposed to a practical or
> personal interest, since my pursuits are such that i'm never likely to be
> affected by it myself *grin*) - if the chivalry doesn't have a watch list,
> then what alternate process is used to identify candidates for knighthood?
> or have i misinterpreted your comment here?
>                                 in curious service,
>                                                 melys
> ps.  this is not an attempt to stick my nose into places i don't belong;
> if you feel that the subject is inappropriate for someone outside the
> chivalry, please feel free to tell me so.
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