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Re: Picking the King

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

Efenwealt Wyslte wrote:

> Assuming you really could get the politics and hard feelings out of the
> way - wouldn't it be cool to have a Crown War? I think I could win that
> way. Yeah cool.
> hugs & kisses
> Emperor Efenwealt (really "Your Holiness" is fine)

Efen for King!  Efen for King!  A man who need not wear a crown but a nice
white headcover, instead!  Efen, Man of the People!  Which people?  I don't
know!  Efen, Efen, He's our Man!  If he can't sing it, no one can!  Yea,

Somehow, Efen as Pope just scares me...

(Have to support someone from the local Canton, you know.)

AEdric the Grene

Anglo-Saxon, KnowItAll wannabe, Cider drinker
Arms: Per Pale, sable and vert (or is it vert and sable...)
Legs: 3'6" (or so)

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