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Cambok sticks

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Attention Cambokers:

For years we have had a booth in at Watson's Fleamarket in Raleigh 
whose owner has always sold tool handles. Someone else in the family 
runs a handle making shop and they make everything from adze, axe,
and hoe handles to wheelbarrow and shepherd's crooks (in season).
We've always used them to refit antique tools. They steam bend.
You merchants could probably sell crooks at Pennsic, cambok sticks too.

Many of you use curved wheelbarrow handles to play cambok I believe. 
Those usually sell about $17-18 a pair.

Yesterday I spoke with the owner's daughter and got her address for you.
(Her dad's getting old and has developed some alzheimers.)

It may well be possible to get some custom cambok sticks made -
particularly if someone - Dafydd springs to mind, or Gaelan - comes
up with a pattern. These might be a lot more fun to play with and 
more comfortable to use than the wheelbarrow handles, I know many of 
you don't have the tools to reshape them. I think that these could be 
had in reasonable amounts at reasonable prices. They just would need 
an idea of what you Cambok guys would like. Anyway she said they're 
willing to talk about it. Or maybe you just like wheelbarrow handles.

Ceila McCrady,   CMcCrady@ITGTravel.com  (919-469-3814 reasonable 
times please) 105 Dark Oak Dr., Cary, NC 27513

This could be a good opportunity for both parties - they get a new
product - you get better toys to play with. ;) Y'all work it out.
Want more Cambokers? I thought so. Maybe Cambok as a War Point?

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