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Poster: Heather Bryden <bryden@hers.com>

Greetings unto the patrons of the Merry Rose from your humble Elisabeth
MacAlester of Kintyre.

Lady Susannah Grey, known to all Atlantians as the Patron Saint of our
national sport, that most delightful pasttime known as Cambok, has charged
me with a mission.

My mission is to announce unto you that this Saturday, at the Coronation of
Michael and Seonaid, Lady Susannah will present a triptych depicting the
glories of Cambok.  The triptych will feature St. Camboka (martyred 1196)
and her two sisters, St. Fionnuala and St. Diana.  Together, they are the
maid (Fionnuala), mother (Diana), and crone (Camboka) of countless legends.

For those interested, Lady Susannah informs me that "St. Camboka is usually
pictured as a large fat man with short black hair and a goofy grin.  No
mistaking it, though.  She is actually a skinny grandma with a fat grey
braid swinging behind her as her stick swings in front of her."

Tom Rettie                                         tom@his.com
Heather Bryden                                 bryden@hers.com

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