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Poster: CptnBnytng <CptnBnytng@aol.com>

Hey Sven ...
   We gotta do something about uncovering this perfidious plot against us poor
unworthy and uninformed commoners ....  
   Questions about this Cambok thing do seem to my mind to go unanswered, as
they would if there were no answers to give ... as they would if the whole
thing was a simple fabrication of fantasy designed to confuse and divert us,
to have a laugh at the expense of the rabble ...

   Seriously, if it's a joke it's wasting time and space ... it it's not then
share it with the rest of us... so far I've understood not one single thing
about it that I've recieved in the post.

   In service to the populace,
   Captain Bunnyetongue 
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