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Re: Cambok

Poster: Duane Moore <poetamilitarus@yahoo.com>

Sorry.  I didn't see your name, so I thought you were an imaginary

But Seriously, 

>    Seriously, if it's a joke it's wasting time and space ... it it's
not then
> share it with the rest of us... so far I've understood not one
single thing
> about it that I've recieved in the post.

I sent you the following message a few days ago:

Subject:     What is CAMBOK! ?  (not Gombok) !
Sent:        3/19/98 2:29 AM
To:          Cptn. Bnytng, CptnBnytng@aol.com


I asked Earl Dafydd to handle your question, since I defer to him as
the CAMBOK! Scholar.  I knew that CAMBOK! was an SCA-invented game,
inspired by a period painting, but that's all I knew for sure.  He
sent me the following information to send you, which you may free to
distribute as you see fit:

It was a 15th century French manuscript illustration.  In the Musee
Condee, Chantilly.  Hours of the Duchess of Bourgogne, about 1450.

Thank you for your interest!  Please feel free to let anyone know who
asks that the webpage should be up within the week.  (I do not
subscribe to the Merry Rose; I can't--this email address is monitored
for message intake, and a such a prolific list would be noticed, no

In service, 
Susanna Grey(

I am surprised it did not reach you.

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