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in service to the populace

Poster: CptnBnytng <CptnBnytng@aol.com>

   Good Gentles ;

   The posting by M. Magnus Malleus in which he makes a noble effort to
portray technical drawings of the construction of a Viking bed has prompted me
to make this offer of service ; 
   As I realize that most people don't have scanners and I do, I will make
scans of anything that pertains to SCA ( proviso that it can be scanned
without attempting to disembowel me ) so that it can be made available to the
populace at large.  If you have drawings, photos, maps to events, whatever
...,  post them to me by the snail and I will turn it into a download and E-
mail it back to you !   ( If you want the original back include a SASE with
the original )
   This offer is open to one and all,  from individuals wishing to share their
knowledgeable gleanings,  to autocrats and other officials who would like to
be able to send out forms or other information in download form.   There is no
cost except for your cost of postage for the snail.   I will also keep a file
of all things that I scan as a backup for you, and as an information base for
me and that will be available to all.   
   I would also request to one and all to share with me anything you would
like to make available in general.   My goal is to create a data base of
useful how-to information for people to use in creating a more authentic
presentation of self and encampment at events.

   Thank you all,
   In service to the populace,
   Captain Bunnyetongue
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