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Re: "Viking beds"

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@polaris.umuc.edu>

'rmhowe said:'
> > For the life of me I can't find a single picture on the WWW of a 
> > slat bed... Magnus? Anyone?
> > 
> >  Thanks in advance,
> >  Hrothgar
> (Since I often get asked this I am going to cross post.)
> I have pictures of two Viking slat beds, both are from
> the Viking ship excavations. One is the large one with the very wide
> side, post, and head boards carved with the beasts, the other is a 
> smaller (and more practical) bed with shaped posts at the corners 
> and looks more like a single bed. There are some on a very expensive 
> "World of the Vikings" CD ROM ($110) from England too. Some of the
> Viking books show them quite often. But there are only a couple of 
> survivals. One good book to look in is From Viking to Crusader.


There is an excellent resource for all things viking (from an SCA
prespective) on the WWW at:

Specifically, the bed segement is at:

A more general starting point can be found at:

Somewhere in there are more bed pictures, but I don't remember where.

Duke Galmr.

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