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having fun with real personas

Poster: lorna baker <lornab@roanoke.infi.net>

Those of you at Cheapside wanting only period conversation, please bear
with me, I will make this period, it just takes a little intro first to
give credit where it is due. Back in the West 'a hundred million years
ago' there was a couple mundanely known as Will & Rosemary Bonner. They
sponsered a group known as the Bye Gone Eras. She & I share our
birthdate. A week or two after said birthday in October, they would send
out a mailing indicating what time period they would sponser the
following year. This gave one an entire year to make the appropriate
clothing, research said period, etc. One of particular note was the
Congress of Vienna in 1814 (for those of you who don't know that is when
they divied up Europe after the fall of Napoleon). When sending in your
paid reservation, one would indicate which real life person one wanted
to portray at this event. If someone else's postmark predated your, you
were notified to select someone else. There were dance classes for that
period and lectures of interest,a banquet and a ball. There was also a 
board game.Small countries with small armies got few pieces. Large
countries with hugh armies got lots of pieces. This was a great mixer.
If you were a small country with a large country nearby, you would
approach the big country high mucky muck and try to make a deal so as
not to get swallowed up.
	Now for how this could work for us, providing I am not causing
appalectic fits with possibly the BOD or the heralds who BTW do a
terrific job making sure none of us try to be a person who really
existed in history or literature. This would be for one event only. I
certainly could do this outside the SCA umbrella if necessary. I think
it could be great fun. What I invision is that our reigning King & Queen
choose the time period. They, of course, would be the Monarchs of said
period. For the sake of discussion let's arbitrally choose Henry VIII.
Her majesty could be any of his 6 wifes. Say she prefers Anne Boleyn.
Her ladies-in-waiting could research the names of Anne Boleyn's
ladies-in-waiting and request to be them. A Countess or Duchess could be
Catherine of Aragon (if she has an almost grown daughter, she could be
Henry & Catherine's daughter Mary). Others could be Cromwell, Woolsy,
Jane Seymore, Thomas Seymore, Sir Thomas Moore,,, you get the picture.
Those not wanting to be of the English persuasion could come as the
appropriate ambassadors from France, Spain, Italy or their onterage(sp).
Everyone could find someone they would find interesting to be. The
tournament would be run similar to the board game which means that
none-fighters could choose fighters to represent them on the field. Some
could choose alliance with Their Majesties. Others could be the factions
fighting against Anne Bolyne. We could have some one-on-one,& melees
where several countries choose to align and fight against others who
have aligned. One great war battle. Whatever we want.
	So whataya think? Any suggestions on how to make this better is
welcomed. If this idea offends anyone, that is not my intent. As stated
before I could do this privately, but would still like to see if there
is sufficient interest.
	Lorna of Leeds, Duchess, OP, OLM,,,,,

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