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Re: having fun with real personas

Poster: geneviamoas@juno.com

This sounds interesting . How may I be of assistance.-- Genevia
On Thu, 12 Mar 1998 19:56:20 -0800 lorna baker <lornab@roanoke.infi.net>
>Poster: lorna baker <lornab@roanoke.infi.net>
>Those of you at Cheapside wanting only period conversation, please 
>with me, I will make this period, it just takes a little intro first 
>give credit where it is due. Back in the West 'a hundred million years
>ago' there was a couple mundanely known as Will & Rosemary Bonner. 
>sponsered a group known as the Bye Gone Eras. She & I share our
>birthdate. A week or two after said birthday in October, they would 
>out a mailing indicating what time period they would sponser the
>following year. This gave one an entire year to make the appropriate
>clothing, research said period, etc. One of particular note was the
>Congress of Vienna in 1814 (for those of you who don't know that is 
>they divied up Europe after the fall of Napoleon). When sending in 
>paid reservation, one would indicate which real life person one wanted
>to portray at this event. If someone else's postmark predated your, 
>were notified to select someone else. There were dance classes for 
>period and lectures of interest,a banquet and a ball. There was also a 
>board game.Small countries with small armies got few pieces. Large
>countries with hugh armies got lots of pieces. This was a great mixer.
>If you were a small country with a large country nearby, you would
>approach the big country high mucky muck and try to make a deal so as
>not to get swallowed up.
>	Now for how this could work for us, providing I am not causing
>appalectic fits with possibly the BOD or the heralds who BTW do a
>terrific job making sure none of us try to be a person who really
>existed in history or literature. This would be for one event only. I
>certainly could do this outside the SCA umbrella if necessary. I think
>it could be great fun. What I invision is that our reigning King & 
>choose the time period. They, of course, would be the Monarchs of said
>period. For the sake of discussion let's arbitrally choose Henry VIII.
>Her majesty could be any of his 6 wifes. Say she prefers Anne Boleyn.
>Her ladies-in-waiting could research the names of Anne Boleyn's
>ladies-in-waiting and request to be them. A Countess or Duchess could 
>Catherine of Aragon (if she has an almost grown daughter, she could be
>Henry & Catherine's daughter Mary). Others could be Cromwell, Woolsy,
>Jane Seymore, Thomas Seymore, Sir Thomas Moore,,, you get the picture.
>Those not wanting to be of the English persuasion could come as the
>appropriate ambassadors from France, Spain, Italy or their 
>Everyone could find someone they would find interesting to be. The
>tournament would be run similar to the board game which means that
>none-fighters could choose fighters to represent them on the field. 
>could choose alliance with Their Majesties. Others could be the 
>fighting against Anne Bolyne. We could have some one-on-one,& melees
>where several countries choose to align and fight against others who
>have aligned. One great war battle. Whatever we want.
>	So whataya think? Any suggestions on how to make this better 
>welcomed. If this idea offends anyone, that is not my intent. As 
>before I could do this privately, but would still like to see if there
>is sufficient interest.
>	Lorna of Leeds, Duchess, OP, OLM,,,,,
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