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Re: Coronation Trip Report (WAS Re: Quiet)

Poster: "Angela K. Pincha-Neel" <angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com>

Marybeth Lavrakas wrote:
> Poster: Marybeth Lavrakas <lavrakas@email.unc.edu>
> I'd heard about the gas explosion from some friends, but am speechless to
> hear that folks went right on back to cooking and holding feast in the
> hall!  Was the source of the leak that easily repaired???

As my daughter now says, we have a "No shit, I was there story..." So
here's a brief synopsis from one who was in the kitchen... 

Apparently, one of the four propane gas valves was leaking unbeknownest
to the kitchen staff... (although there is much more to this, I am not
the one to tell the details) There were a number of kids and adults in
the kitchen when the explosion occurred. The leaking gas exploded,
blowing the door off one of the ovens, which was empty at the time,
putting one fire ball up in the air and another down at leg level into
the room. 

Lady Raginol (sp?) was the closest to the flame, with my daughter,
Gwendolyn next to her, and Heather, then Tigger, Herveus' children on
Gwendolyn's other side. The flame balls were on that side of the room,
singed all of their hair, especially Raginol's. Raginol's arm was burned
with at least first degree burns. Gwendolyn's dress is many inches
shorter now as it caught flame. She got first and second degree burns on
her legs just above her boots. Heather's clothes also caught fire, so
I've heard, and her ankles were burned with at the least first degree
burns. Tigger has a need for a hair cut now as his hair was very singed.
Other people in the room that I know of were Mistress Jaelle, unhurt, my
son, Sid, unhurt, Their Majesties son, Kaylun, unhurt, myself,
(Mordrea), unhurt, and several others who's names totally excape me.
Gwendolyn and Raginol screamed simultaneously, I yelled for everyone to
get out and was echoed by several adults. Kaylun was handed over the
counter to Duke Boudion. All the children and adults were quickly
evacuated from the hall with Jaelle insuring everyone was out before
leaving herself. Somehow, I ended up in the hall and had to go all the
way around the building to get to my daughter. Luckily Kai got to her

Some of those in the hall said they saw the windows suck in just prior
to the explosion and one of the wooden doors between the kitchen area
and the hall was blown out of the wall. All in all we were all very
lucky - lucky that it was propane gas, not natural gas, and that the
flame wasn't continuously being fed.

We all proofed to be a well disciplined, helpful group. Everyone got out
of the hall with no injuries, no panic. Children were quickly united
with parents so all could assess what was going on. Those burned were
almost instantly taken care of chirurgeons. Knowledgeable people - Duke
Anton, Count Kai, and HRM Michael, checked out the kitchen, assessed the
problem, found the source and eliminated the danger. As soon as all was
safe inside, and people were well taken care of, life re-established
itself. Court restarted, feast was undamaged and prep continued. Most
everyone who was in the kitchen at the time of explosion went back to
continue helping with prep.

I'd like to thank everyone again who helpes my daughter and all those
burned. If anyone wants to know, that was a definate migraine inducing
experience. I'm happy that my daughter and everyone else in that kitchen
is ok and alive, and that Kaylun and I had walked to the right instead
of the left in that kitchen...

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