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Re: Coronation Trip Report (WAS Re: Quiet)

Poster: Alan MacNeill <gormofberra@erols.com>

Marybeth Lavrakas wrote:
> Poster: Marybeth Lavrakas <lavrakas@email.unc.edu>
> I'd heard about the gas explosion from some friends, but am speechless to
> hear that folks went right on back to cooking and holding feast in the
> hall!  Was the source of the leak that easily repaired???
> Um, and what's this about a *skunk*???  I am very confused/amused/curious!

OKay...ummm...this is probably one of those "Ya had to be there" kinda
things, but...

During last court, and particularly after the gas explosion (which was
relatively minor, no serious injuries and no significant structural
damage to the building), the mood of the court was one of levity. 
Before, I think it was a "Hey, reign's almost over, let's have fun" kind
of thing (with Logan explaining away a cough at one point with "I have
been sickened at Gulf Wars, I fear my time on the throne is short", and
also commenting during the Laureling "We promise to defend you for the
duration of our reigns...all ten minutes of it" <wording slightly
incorrect, but the gist is correct).

After the explosion, it was definetely an attempt to defuse the stress
of everyone there...and it worked wonderfully.

Anyhow...where were we??  Oh yeah, the skunk...

one of the King's guards had a hand puppet of a skunk, and he was using
it to crawl up the Herald's back and perch on her shoulder, and
generally do other nonsense like that...she ignored it bravely as long
as possible, but eventually the snickering of the populace got to the
attention of the court, and it was totally lost.

Hope that helps somewhat

Gorm of Berra
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