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Re: April Acorn

Poster: "Fern de la Foret" <sirfern@pop.mindspring.com>

Dear Richard,

Here follows my event report for Cossacks, Mongols and Huns, Oh, My! 
held at Camp Kanata, Raleigh, NC on March 13-15, 1998. The event was 
sponsored jointly by the cantons of Kappellenberg and Elvegast.

Sir Fern de la Foret was Marshall-in-Charge. Lady Stephania 
Herring was Minister of the Lists.

Sir Timoch of Nordheim helped with authorizations, as did the nice 
marshall from Seareach, whose name I have forgotten. Morgan Emrys?

Other people who helped with marshalling were: Lord Bledri ap Llew, 
Mistress Ceridwen ferch Owain, Lord Stephan O'Reily. Lady Cerid ferch 
Cadwy ab Aeddan was an apprentice marshall and worked with me during 
the tourney and the melees. Ceridwen was Rapier Marshall for rapier 
activites and Stephan was in charge of archery.

 Two beginners authorized in Sword and  Shield: Lady Eilish na 
Ballina and Lady Cerid ferch Cadwy ab Aeddan. Lord Jason O'Faron 
(Kinslayer) authorized in two-sword, greatsword and halberd.

I'll have to get the list of fighters from the Minister of the Lists. 
There were 23 at the beginning of the tourney, and two arrived later, 
but in time for the melees.

The fighters were randomly assigned to three teams, except for the 
three knights who were deliberately put on separate teams.  The team 
members each choose a number from 1 to 7. Then the fighters with 
matching numbers fought a round robin, with each victory adding one 
point to the team score. 

The best fight was the round robin between the three knights. Sir 
Timoch, Sir Wulfbrand and Sir Gunther had coincidentally drawn the 
same number, so they decided to be creative. Instead of sword and 
shield fights, they used  the six "throwing axes" made by Sir 
Gunther to fight a round robin of duels. The two duellists stood 
back-to-back, then counted off paces, turned and threw. Then they ran 
to grab some more axes and throw again. The entire audience was in 

We also had a round robin of melees, loosely based on the Sheep Raids 
event, for which the Seareach people kindly lent us their sheep.  
This was so much fun that the rapier people also wanted to do melees, 
which was equally hilarious.

There were no injuries and no problems with the fighting. A good 
time was had by all.

respectfully submitted,

Fern de la Foret, Knight Marshall of the Canton of Kappellenberg

PS.If  you need a hard copy of this report, I can send you one.
 Fern de la Foret                           Laurie M. Erickson
 Kapellenberg, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia     Chapel Hill, NC
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