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no shit there i was...

Poster: E-Lady@worldnet.att.net (Elizabeth Orwig)

okay... everyone needs a wake-up call now and then.. but SHEEESH...

wednesday two weeks ago.... i'm at work... i work 12 hours on wednesdays...
 At 9:30am the older lady across the street calls me at work (she's like the
neighborhood watch person) to tell me that "Miss Liz, you have to come home
right away, a truck just hit your house."

no kidding.  I dropped what i was doing and ran to the car, jammed it into
gear and screamed the 3 blocks to work...... and low and behold.... there
was a 15ton Hertz/Penske truck catywampus between my house and the
neighbor's house.

Now I had seen this truck parked at the top of the hill facing away from the
house when I'd left at 7uglyam that morning for work. I didn't think much
about it because trucks always park up there across from the door place and
the welding shop.

Apparently the brakes had something wrong... and a mechanic was working on
the truck without benefit of blocks, jacks, or ramps at the top of the hill.
*DUH* The entire truck let go... ran over his legs... crushed them.  Truck
goes kareening down the hill backwards.... into the lady's yard two houses
up from us... then down the bank, over Paul's steps. Up the steps, over the
front porch and wrentched it from the foundation... cracking it.  Up the
side of the drive and bounces off the wall of my house.

Cargo strewed over everywhere... sucker was completely loaded down.  This
house is undamaged. We are waiting to see what happens with Paul's house.
It was pretty amazing.

So it just goes to show ya..... sometimes ya just never know what's going to

have a great week!!!

    "Come into these arms again,
                And set this spirit free......."

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