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What happened to tradition

Poster: alesia4@juno.com

Thank you to the gentles who sent post which so richly described court at
Coronation. My lord and I were at the troll at the time and were not able
to attend.  The excitement in the kitchen aside, court sounded quite

The weekend was enjoyable, despite the weather, but unfortunately I left
the site discouraged.  When I joined the SCA, ten years ago, I was told
that the SCA always left a site better than we found it.  I was told that
this was a point the Society took great pride and honor in.  I wonder
what is happening to this tradition.  I realize a few people can mess up
the situation for everyone but I feel we are slipping as a group.  The
clean up crew expects to sweep and mop floors, rearrange furniture and
empty the trash in the *halls*.  But shouldn't it be the responsibility
of each individual to police their areas and anything they should come
across while walking around.  Before leaving Sunday, beside all the
normal cleaning, several sites required trash being picked up, especially
in the latrine areas.  We should all be thankful to the 12 year old boy
who policed the parking lot.  Besides a feast worth of fast food wrappers
and general trash, he picked up about a dozen beer bottles.  This, on a
site which does not allow original containers for alcohol.  If the ranger
had come through that parking lot earlier, we might have lost the site
for good.  (This is something we are already in danger of having happen.)
 If any other Boy Scout representative had found the bottles, Ranger Dan
could have lost his job.  This is a case where our "fun" could have
negatively effected the lively hood of someone who has gone out of his
way for us.  I wonder how many people walked through that lot and left
the mess for someone else.

I also wonder if doing physical damage to the site and refusal to follow
the camp rules are in keeping with the spirit of our Society and
traditions.  The men's bathroom door at the troll building was accidently
locked shut.  When this happened one gentle present tried the "old credit
card trick."  This did not work so the door was left alone and the men
and women began taking turns using the ladies room.  Unfortunately,
someone else had another go at the door later in the evening.  They were
successful at opening the door, but caused such damage that the door
could not be relocked.  This was discovered when the ranger came to
secure the building.

On the point of rules, we are still having a problem cars parked in the
campsites and on the grass.  Ranger Dan told us Sunday morning that if
this happens again at our next event there, we *will* lose the site.  The
Scouts expect us to unload our gear, move our cars and then set up camp. 
Gentles, this site is too good to lose.  And, it would not look good for
a Society based on honor and Chivalry, to lose a site because we ignored
rules and caused property damage.

I apologize that the first time my voice is heard at the Merry Rose
Tavern, is on a negative note.  But, I knew no other way to get these
thoughts to the populace at large.  Also, I have added my lord's name to
this "food for thought" at his request.  These are my words but with his
full support.

Alesia de Trenwyth
Court Baroness
Richard d'Andrade
Court Baron
Barony of Marinus

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