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Kingdom Archery Championship

Poster: Kofryna the Goatherd <kofryna@geocities.com>

Greetings from Lady Kofryna the Goatherd

One of the tournaments that has not been talked about much, probably
because it was held so far from the main hall, was for the Kingdom
Archery Championship. Sir Tnek, the outgoing Champion, put together and
ran a great tournament that was as much fun to watch as to participate
in. Fifteen archers representing six groups took part, which is really
great considering the horrid weather conditions. Lord Lorenzo il Confuso
of Highland Foorde shot well all day and earned a spot in the finals.
Lady Aethelflad of Tir-y-Don dazzled the onlookers by putting four
arrows out of six in the face-plate of a Squire target, and  beat out
many other archers to place in the finals. Sir Quentin of Tir-Y-Don was
the only archer to hit the one-inch strip representing the visor of a
Knight, and earned a spot, as well, in the finals. 

For the Championship, the three finalists had to shoot against each
other at a Period target. After shooting an arrow from 40 yards, they
advanced slowly at approximately 2 pace increments.  If anyone hit the
cork in the center target, they would be immediately declared the new
Kingdom Archery Champion. If no one hit the cork, the title would go to
the highest overall score. Needless to say, the pressure was tremendous.
The crowd watched in anticipation, and after all shots were fired, many
were close, but  none had hit the cork.  We then had to wait for the
scoring. Everyone was very tense.  After scoring the round, Sir Tnek
announced that Lord Lorenzo il Confuso won the tournament with the
highest overall score and is the new Atlantian Kingdom Archery Champion. 

Many thanks to Sir Tnek for putting together a great tournament under
very difficult conditions, and to Their Majesties, for giving us the
opportunity to hold the second such tournament in a row. 

In Service,

Lady Kofryna the Goatherd
Seneschal of the Shire Highland Foorde
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