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Re: What happened to tradition

Poster: Mark de Saint Sauveur-le-Vicomte <marks@verinet.com>

Kathryn Rous wrote:
>Autocrats & other folks, any constructive ideas (beyond trying to remind
>people here & verbally) about how to minimze these sorts of problems? 
Although it does not help to prevent the problem, it reduces the impact:
On the last day of one camping event, we held a competition for the
children- they were each given a bag and asked to collect trash.  Prizes
were awarded for most trash collected, most unique piece of trash, non-trash
items that were found.

We gave small prizes to all participants (candies).  With a 'clean-up crew'
numbering 20 or so we had the site in better condition to the way we found
it within an hour, and found an earring, a knife and a roll of duct tape

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