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Re: What happened to tradition

Poster: Travis Brandel <travis@freedomnet.com>

Susan Lynn Arthur wrote:
> Poster: Susan Lynn Arthur <susanla@mindspring.com>
> At 09:30 AM 3/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
> And the issue
> >about people just leaving their cars where they've been told not to has
> >come up at almost every camping event I've been to in the past year.
> (snip)
> > What solutions there might be to the dern
> >parking problem, I just don't know!
> I was one of those people who parked in a "forbidden" location at a recent
> event.  The reason?  I had no idea I wasn't supposed to!  I've been to this
> site several times, but had never stayed overnight.  When I pulled up to
> unload my car, there were lots of other cars in the area, so I left mine.
> Seemed simple and reasonable.  I was awakened in the middle of the night by
> a kind soul who feared the cars were being towed. (Fortunately, it was a
> false alarm.)  All I could think was, "How was I supposed to know I
> couldn't park there?" No signs, and I don't remember ever being told. Maybe
> there need to be more blatant reminders.  Or notices, for those of us who
> didn't forget, but didn't know.
> Lucia Bellini

it doesn't help when the parking area only hold about 25% of the cars on
site, either.
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