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Re: Coronation Trip Report (WAS Re: Quiet)

Poster: RowenRhys <RowenRhys@aol.com>

Good Gentles,

I shall lend my 2 pence...having had a year taken off my life as well...  :-)

I arrived Saturday morning in my little Ford Aspire (a 4 door Speck) which can
hold a candle to a 4x4 (fortunately and amazingly enough!!!) with my husband
James (the victim of the bathroom weasel) who I drug with me...but actually he
was pretty content until that whole "boom" as Duke Logan put it...At least
Duke Logan can say that he went out with a bang (hey, I figured if it hadn't
been claimed yet it was free pun property!)...Well, there we were at Court and
we happened to be sitting on the far side of the room by those lovely sliding
glass door windows...I was entertaining myself with a lovely little lady bug
when "thunder" struck...my first thought was that it was darn loud thunder and
why the heck was it in the building...and I must say that, before the "boom",
I did hear the vibrations in the air (a very interesting effect)...To me the
worst part was the screaming...it made my blood cold...although I have had
nightmares about both the "boom" and the screaming since...My husband and the
gentleman in front of us who had been working on a hat tried very valiantly to
pry open the screen of the window to assist the populace in their exodus...but
to no avail...fortunately there was time for all to exit safely...Many thanks
to those brave souls at the door who acted calmly and efficient to assist
those in exiting...if it were not for them I am sure that I would have tripped
over the benches and my husband would still be trying to get that screen open!

Rowen ferch Rhys, 
who is glad that she came away with only a case of the sniffles
::sniff::  ::sniff::  ::sniff::
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