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SCA traditions?

Poster: Jessica Rechtschaffer <jsrechts@email.unc.edu>

I do believe that the SCA tradition of leaving the site cleaner has gone
by the wayside.  I also have to call into the question of the policy of
designating sites as "Very discreetly wet, no original containers" which
is another way of saying, "This site is Dry, but we will give you
permission to break the site rule."  This policy is Very Very Bad.  What
kind of group (SCA or Non) rents a site and then violates the site rules?
Unchivalrous is a nice way of putting it.  Wet is wet, dry is dry period.

The old SCA rule of "Leaving the site in better shape than it was" has two
main advantages to it, a) it is nice thing to do and the SCA likes to
pride itself in being a group made up of decent well meaning folks and b)
It's a big CYA tactic - make the site owners happy and they'll want you
back and they won't badmouth the SCA to other site owners.

As in the discussion of chivalrous behavior towards others a while ago, I
think we also have to re-evaluate our behavior and sense of responsibility
when it comes to the sites we use.


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