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Parking Problems

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Regarding parking:

It has always been forbidden to park on the road up to the top field at 
Emerald Joust when it's at Brady Saunders.  Always.

The year I autocratted, 1996, I had BIG signs at Troll and notice in the 
event hand-out that parking was FORBIDDEN on that road.

I put big sticks on the road so people couldn't park on the edge.  I had 
people put their names in the windows of their cars so I knew whose car 
was parked where.  I had heralds announce that parking was forbidden 

People moved the sticks and threw them in the bushes.  I couldn't find 
the people who owned the cars, even if they'd bothered to put their 
names where we had requested them to.  Only a few of them responded to 
heralded shouts.

If I had autocratted that event again, I would set sticks in cement in 
coffee cans and put bright orange signs up that say "NO PARKING" and put 
them all along the road.  Hopefully that would work.

If it didn't work, I'd try to stop the fighting until the cars moved. 
(Most of the cars belonged to fighters.)

If THAT didn't work, I'd call a tow company.

There's just no excuse for our breaking site rules.


P.S.  I've heard that Emerald Joust WILL be happening over Memorial Day 
weekend.  I've heard it won't be at Brady Saunders.  Anyone from Caer 
Mear who can verify this?  Terafan??  Bryce??

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